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Retaining Constitutionally Guaranteed Liberty
State Sovereignty
Rejecting the Common Core State Standards

The Pending Rejection states are so marked as a result of serious discussion or action taken towards withdrawing from the Common Core State Standards, withdrawing from PARCC or SBAC, delaying implementation of standards or assessments, or not funding the implementation. The discussions or actions considered include public forums, legislative bills, and hearings on state legislative floors in or since.2012. The Rejected CCSS states are so marked as a result of never having officially adopted the standards or by governor’s executive order or legislation repealing or withdrawing from the adoption and implementation of the standards.






















New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico


New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota






West Virginia




Most of the links provided above are to legislative bills. It is not possible provide links to all of the media coverage, hearings, and public forums addressing issues related to the Common Core State Standards. The links above are only provided to show a state meets the stated criteria and qualifies as a Pending Rejection state.

MN appears on the map as having rejected the CCSS. MN did not adopt the CCSS for Mathematics. MN appears in blue on this map because it is shown on the Common Core State Standards Initiative map as Not Yet Adopted.

Visit the Truth in American Education Related Websites page for links to groups actively working to stop the Common Core State Standards implementation and related issues.




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