A Parent Speaks Out

If you are a parent with a student in school are you seeing/experiencing things with your child’s education that has you scratching your head and wondering what is going on?  Or maybe you are past that stage and you now realize what is going on.  Are you talking with other parents?  Are you asking your school officials (administrators and board members) for answers and explanations?  Are you speaking out about what is going on?  More parents are and for good reason—the well being, education, and future livelihood of their cherished young ones is being threatened.  There is a video at the following link of a mother addressing her school board about what is taking place with her child.  Begin watching at the 4 minute mark and continue watching her present until about the 11:10 mark.



Dr. Megan Koschnick presents on the Developmentally Inappropriate Common Core–Video Released

The official video has been released and we have posted it below.  This release has had the visual presentation edited to include slides that were shown during the presentation.

This video is a must watch.  Watch it yourself and share it widely.  This video needs to be viewed by every school administrator, school board member, legislator, teacher, and parent.  Make the time to watch this—it will be well worth it.  It will help you understand why young children may be coming home from school stressed and bewildered instead of thrilled and overjoyed.

Truth in American Education has a great write up about the presentation called Early Childhood Standards of Common Core are Developmentally Inappropriate.

Child clinical psychologist, Dr. Megan Koschnick, presents on how the Common Core Standards are developmentally inappropriate for young students at a conference held at Notre Dame. The event was sponsored by American Principles Project.

Developmentally Inappropriate Common Core Standards

The video of Dr. Megan Koschnick discussing the inappropriateness of the Common Core State Standards for K-3 at the Common Core Conference held at Notre Dame on September 9, 2013 should be released tomorrow and we will have it posted here once it is released.

Our apologies.  In our excitement in finding this video, we posted it.  We have since found that the video has not been authorized for release yet.  It will be released soon and we should have it posted within the next day or two.