CCSS Assessments

This video was posted by Suzette Lopez on Nov. 19, 2014.  She provides the following information about the video:

For those concerned about teaching to the test and for those who want to understand who these assessments are really for, must watch videos in this presentation. Lead Common Core Architect, David Coleman talks about the assessments and AIR president of assessments (yes the same AIR company that is developing our Florida test), speaks about adaptive testing.

Refuse the Tests

The link to this video was sent to me the other day. When I viewed it I thought parents all across Washington should see it and take action by refusing to have their kids assessed.

Parents, are your kids loosing that shine? Are they saying they can’t do it?

How have assessment results helped you and your child? How has your child’s teacher effectively used assessment results to help further your child’s academic education? Who really benefits from the assessments? Are you as the parent making the decisions about your child’s education or is someone else doing that?

Refuse…   You and your child will survive!


House members appointed to education committees. Why do they ignore their constituents’ requests for comments on Common Core?


During the recent election, Washington State Against Common Core, a citizens’ group of teachers and parents concerned about education reform, developed and administered a survey of 2014 primary and general election candidates. Candidates’ positions on Common Core reforms (including the standards, … Continue reading

Together We Can Stop The Testing Madness

Did you know that PARENTS hold the power to take back the education system from those who have stolen it? Refuse to give the testing monster the data on which it feeds. No data, no sorting, no failing, no punishing schools or children.


Seattle Education


The public elementary schools we attended as children no longer exist. The buildings may be there, but everything else has changed. Why? Public education has been radically altered by the dictates of Clinton’s Goals 2000, Bush’s No Child Left Behind, and Obama’s Race to the Top. These changes have made elementary education almost unrecognizable to most adults.

Sure, kids still sit at desk, have rug time, and do worksheets. But the school nurse is long gone, unless the PTA can afford to keep her. The cafeteria ladies have been cut too. Now you’re lucky to have one, who no longer cooks meals. Most kids have never had access to an art teacher and only know about school counselors by watching television.

What’s most alarming is the emphasis to evaluate and sort children based on standardized test scores, specifically math and reading. Sure, growing up we took some bubble tests…

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