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We’ve created an easy to follow checklist so that you may easily spread the word and let your voice be heard!  Washington state is just waking up to the truths about Common Core State Standards.  It is up to each and every one of us to let others know what Common Core is all about.
Click  Stop Common Core Checklist

  • Let your voice be heard and sign our petition for the State of Washington.
  • Post the link for our petition as your Facebook status.
  • If your child is in school, fill out the Opt Out Form and submit it to their school.
  • Talk with teahers, principals, and superintendents of the school your children attend.
  • Call your State Representatives and Senators to voice your concern.  Click here to type in your address and find your district representatives as well as your State Senators.  Click on their names to be directed to their individual websites and retrieve their contact information.
  • Contact State Governor Jay Inslee and voice your concern.
  • Contact Superintendent of Public Instruction and voice concern.
  • Distribute an information flyer to:
    your neighbors
    parents of your children’s classmates
    any groups or organizations your belong to
    members of your church.
  • Write letters to the editor of newspapers.
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  • ¨ “Like” our page Stop Common Core Washington on Facebook.