Common Core and Testing Concerns… A Letter to My Principal

A Spokane teacher speaks her heart to her principal about Common Core and high-stakes testing.

IGNITE! ... Fire is Catching

Background Context about My Letter

Before reading my letter to my principal I want it to be public knowledge that I adore and love her.   She is an amazing administrator on so many levels.   In my 25 year educational career, I have encountered two principals I hold in the highest level of regard.   Two principals that fall into the category of Distinguished. My current principal is one of those two.   The most critical practice she employees is listening.  

I have the opportunity to express myself.

I have the opportunity to share my perspective.

I have the opportunity to disagree with educational policies.

I have the opportunity to share research I encounter and we actually talk about it.

I have the opportunity to question decisions.

I have the opportunity to ask the tough questions.

She listens.

She shares her perspective, too, and I listen.

Sometimes she challenges my thinking.

I feel…

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