Think Homeschooler’s are immune from the reach of Common Core? Think again!


Here is an excerpt from the Homeschool Legal Defense Association website: “The CCSS specifically do not apply to private or homeschools, unless they receive government dollars (online charter school programs have no such protection). However, HSLDA has serious concerns with … Continue reading

Common Core Background – White Paper

We just found this excellent white paper on the background of Common Core, and a look at the standards themselves which was posted at Truth in American Education. While it is long (44 pages), you might want to read it if you have a chance. There is a lot of factual information with endnotes at the back to direct you to the sources.

Controlling-Education-From-the-Top-PRINT, May 2012. This 23 page white paper written by Emmett McGroarty and Jane Robbins and published by American Principles Project and the Pioneer Institute.

What Information Will be Collected on Your Child and You?

We have been hearing from lots of people that one of the main concerns about Common Core is the intrusive data mining, and in particular, what information is being collected about your child. An unbelievable 533 pieces of data will be collected. In addition to the data we talked about previously, you can browse through the Common Education Data Standards – Domain Entity Schema.

If you don’t like what you see, you have a voice. Share what you learn with other parents, your schools, teachers, and co-workers. Read and sign our petition and let our state know what you think about CCSS.

In the Tacoma Area? Find out About CCSS!

Thanks to our friends at the Tacoma Narrows Tea Party for hosting a two part series on the “Impact / Effect of Common Core on the American Mind”.

Hear from the top education researchers in Washington State – CURE Washington and Research Mom (AKA Sharon Hanek). Bring your questions to the table for the open round table session at the end of each presentation.

The first meeting will be Tuesday, April 30th, 7pm at the Gig Harbor Library (4424 Point Fosdick Drive W., Gig Harbor, WA 98335).

I’ve had the pleasure of attending an event where Sharon Hanek was speaking, and it was eye opening. I encourage you to attend if you can.

In the meantime, remember to sign the petition to Stop Common Core in WA State.

Petition to Stop Common Core in WA State

Are you against the a common Core State Standards and want your voice heard? Please take a moment to read and sign the petition to stop Common Core in Washington State.

You can find the petition here.

The most important action that you can take at this moment is to SPREAD THE WORD. The Legislative session for 2013 is about to end and will not pick up again until January 2014. Between now and January, we need to make every person aware of CCSS and build strength in numbers. The more people that learn about CCSS and begin to take action and educate others, the better chance we have of making an impact with our state when it counts the most.

Is your school taking the Smarter Balanced Pilot Test? What is it and how to opt out


Ah, it is Spring in Washington State, the days are brighter, the weather is changing (sometimes multiple times a day), and our kids are once again gearing up for the last standardized test of this school year, the MSP/HSPE/EOC (last 2 are … Continue reading

Action Request – Phone Senator Murray

Did you read the news yesterday from Iowa? Well, it’s take to take action! We need to call on the US Senators to sign on to this effort. For WA State, our Senate Appropriations Committee member is Patty Murray.

Senators must sign on by April 25th in order to reach the subcommittee in time to be considered. So start calling!

What do do?
1). Call Senator Murray at your district office and ask her to sign on to Senator Grassley’s letter to reign in Common Core State Standards. Let her know you don’t support CCSS in our state.
Vancouver, 360-696-7838
Seattle, 206-553-5545
Yakima, 509-453-7462
Spokane, 509-624-9515
Everett, 425-259-6515
Tacoma, 253-572-2281

2). Let friends, relatives and co- workers know to contact their Senator on the Appropriations Committee.