HB 2165 to Eliminate the Common Core and Assessments in WA

There is now a House Bill in the Washington State Legislature to eliminate the use of the Common Core State Standards and its assessments in the State of Washington.

Click on the hyperlink for the official page for HB 2165 Eliminating the use of common core state standards and assessments in Washington.  Click here to download the pdf file of the original bill.

HB 2165 is sponsored by Representatives Scott, Haler, Shea, Vick, Short, Van Werven, Condotta, Wilson, Young, Orcutt, Kochmar, Schmick, Taylor, Harmsworth, G. Hunt, Griffey, Klippert, Buys, Parker, Holy, Pike, and MacEwen

Please call all your Representatives to support this.
Please call the House Education committee to have a hearing on this.

Share this information far and wide.

4 thoughts on “HB 2165 to Eliminate the Common Core and Assessments in WA

  1. There is a lot more than all the assessments in Common Core that we need to get rid of. The fact that the content of teaching is aggressively trying to make ‘good little socialists’ out of our children also needs to be examined. It is mind boggling how the government is taking over our children, and our children’s minds.

  2. HR 2165 appears to be sponsored entirely by Republicans, the minority. Is there some expectation that after last month’s Washington State Democratic Party official opposition to Common Core that this legislation has a chance of passage?

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