State Democratic Party Passes Resolution Calling for Withdrawal from Common Core

On Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015, the Washington State Democratic Party became the first Democratic State Party in the nation to pass a resolution against the Common Core. The resolution is titled Resolution Opposing Common Core State Standards. The resolution calls for the legislature and the superintendent of public instruction to withdraw from the CCSS. Read the resolution below.

Resolution Opposing Common Core State Standards

WHEREAS the copyrighted (and therefore unchangeable) Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are a set of controversial top-down K-12 academic standards that were promulgated by wealthy private interests without research-based evidence of validity and are developmentally inappropriate in the lowest grades; and

WHEREAS, as a means of avoiding the U.S. Constitution’s 10th Amendment prohibition against federal meddling in state education policy, two unaccountable private trade associations–the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)–have received millions of dollars in funding from the Gates Foundation and others to create the CCSS; and

WHEREAS the U.S. Department of Education improperly pressured state legislatures into adopting the Common Core State Standards and high-stakes standardized testing based on them as a condition of competing for federal Race to the Top (RTTT) stimulus funds that should have been based on need; and

WHEREAS as a result of Washington State Senate Bill 6669, which passed the State legislature on March 11, 2010, the Office of the Superintendent of Instruction (OSPI) adopted Common Core State Standards (CCSS) on July 20, 2011; and

WHEREAS this adoption effectively transfers control over public school standardized testing from locally elected school boards to the unaccountable corporate interests that control the CCSS and who stand to profit substantially; and

WHEREAS the Washington State Constitution also calls for public education to be controlled by the State of Washington through our elected State legislature, our elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction and our elected local school boards; and

WHEREAS implementation of CCSS will cost local school districts hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for standardized computer-based tests, new technology, new curricula and teacher training at a time when Washington is already insufficiently funding K-12 Basic Education without proven benefit to students; and WHEREAS some states have already withdrawn from CCSS;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we call upon the Washington State legislature and the Superintendent of Public Instruction to withdraw from the CCSS and keep K-12 education student-centered and accountable to the people of Washington State.


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13 thoughts on “State Democratic Party Passes Resolution Calling for Withdrawal from Common Core

  1. What can we do? Can you post a link to support this so we can all send it to the Superintendents office or senators? What can we do to make sure this goes through???/

  2. Thank you for your comment, at this time we do not have a web site but I can tell you that the Republicans are the stumbling block here. Please find out what your Legislative District is and call and email your Representatives and Senators and relay this message to them. You can also get the email address of the school Superintendents in your area or all and send this link to them.

    • Do not the Democrats control the WA state legislature? Why couldn’t they move w/o the support of any Republicans, like they have multiple times on other issues?

  3. Olympia Wa. State Capital Information Line- 1-360-786-7750
    Call this number and ask for your Representatives contact number. Know what Leg. District you are in. Send this above information to them.
    Thank you.

    • Thank you. It is nice to see we can cross the isle especially when it involves our kids. Let’s now work on the Republicans. Contact them through the Capital information line, get your Senator and Representative number and tell them your opinion. Many thanks

      • Absolutely ! & I ashamed of the republicans and plan on changing to independent after the primary ~ I very active in the Common Core fight and reach out often…. Call into nj101.5 wrote letter etc. we are all our kids have left ~ but am very proud of the Dems that are being bold!

  4. Reblogged this on SiriusCoffee and commented:
    Common Core is rotten to the core. It’s refreshing to see politicians on the right side of an issue for once! If only the could project this understanding to all the other federalized command-and-control programs originating in our nations capital.

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