The NC Supt. Responds to the Lt. Gov.’s Questions About the Common Core

…or does she? On July 18, I posted a video in a post titled NC Lt. Gov. Forest Expresses Concerns and Questions About the Common Core.  In the video the Lt. Gov. of NC posed a lot of questions he was seeking answers to from the state superintendent.  He also provided a link to his letter that contained all of his questions.  The superintendent has responded to the Lt. Gov. and he provides this video to share the response with the public.

I watched the video and skimmed through the response letter Lt. Gov. Forrest received.  Wow!  What arrogance. We end up seeing that kind of arrogance all the time when we ask for information and clarification on issues it is just not as big time and evident.

And the real answer to Lt. Gov. Forrest’s questions is:

1) Find your own answer, or
2) Any answer is acceptable, after all it is the Common Core and the process, not accurate answers, is what’s most important.

Here is the response letter.

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